General Information

The scientific journal «Naukovyy Visnyk Dnipropetrovskogo Derzhavnogo Universytetu Vnutrishnikh Sprav» (hereinafter – the Visnyk) is published since 1999.

The Visnyk is a periodic printed media registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Certificate of State Registration – KB 20781-10581 ПP from 08.05.2014) is enlisted into category “B” of scientific professional editions of Ukraine in which researchers may publish the results of their dissertation papers for scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of sciences (legal sciences) (Annex 4 to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 28.12.2019 № 1643).

Information about the edition:

– founder and publisher – the Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs;

– legal and postal addresses of the editorial board – Ukraine, 49005, Dnipro, Gagarina Avenue, 26; contact phone – (056) 370-96-59, fax 370-98-00, e-mail:;

– type of publication for the intended purpose – scientific;

– thematic focus of the edition – issues of state and law and law enforcement activities, problems of legal education and training of law enforcement personnel;

– tasks and main goals of the edition: dissemination of results of scientific and dissertation research in all branches of law and related sciences, popularization and exchange of experience in the field of legal science and education and law enforcement, discussion of bills, dissemination of information on events of a scientific nature (reviews, scholars’ personalities, defense of theses, new legal editions, scientific events – conferences, seminars, contests);

– category of readers for which the edition is intended: scholars, post-graduates, teachers, students and researchers of scientific institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, other central executive bodies, lawyers and law enforcement officers of Ukraine and foreign countries;

– area of distribution of the edition – nationwide and foreign one;

– languages of the publication: Ukrainian, Russian, English (mixed languages).

– format of the edition – 70×100/16;

– international serial number ISSN – 2078-3566;

– international digital index DOI – 10.31733 / 2078-3566;

– volume of each issue – up to 30 conditional printed sheets;

– periodicity of the yearly release – 4-7 times per year: 4 times (quarterly), annual edition of several special issues (up to 2 thematic issues and English edition).

– availability of electronic and Internet versions of each issue of the Visnyk, except for those with limited use.

The Visnyk is being indexed in the international science-data base «Index Copernicus International», and is included in the International Digital Identification System «CrossRef».