Articles Submission

Submission procedure for publication in the journal
(for non-Ukrainian articles).

1. Materials for publication in the journal are: scientific and review articles, reviews on scientific publications, reports on events of a scientific nature, authors’ texts of bills.

2. The editing and publishing department of the University is engaged in direct admitting, processing of materials and publication of the journal.

3. The scientific content of the article should meet the requirements approved by the decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine No. 7-05 / 1 from January 15, 2003, “On increasing the requirements for professional editions included in the lists of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine”, namely: formulation of the problem and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks; analysis of recent researches and publications, in which the solution to this problem was initiated and on which the author relies; allocation of previously unsettled parts of the general problem which this article deals with; formation the purpose of the article (statement of the task); basic content with a full substantiation of the obtained scientific results; conclusions from this study and prospects for further exploration in this direction.

4. The article manuscript must be typed in a MicrosoftWord without hyphenation and meet the following requirements: page size – A4; margins – 2 cm, font – TimesNewRoman, size – 14, line spacing – 1,5; pages are not numbered; in front of the article on the left, the code of the UDC, on the right in separate lines: the semi-bold ordinary point is the author’s surname and initials, scientific degree and academic rank (in the absence of the author’s scientific degree and academic rank, “graduate student”, “applicant”, “teacher”, etc.) , in parenthesis it is the place of work / studying; Further in the middle there is a bold, regular font – the article name in capital letters, followed by an abstract in English if the article is in English (from 600 to 800 characters with spaces) with the key words (5-7 words), the text of the article, after the text – the list of references (capitalization with bold letters in italics in the middle) in alphabetical order, according with the current standards of bibliographic design, in the text of the article references must be used too (in square brackets – the reference number on the list at the end of the text, and the page numbers); after the list of references, in italics – the date of the article admitted by in the editorial, abstract in Ukrainian (if the article is not in Ukrainian) in the volume from 1800 to 2000 characters with spaces, in which the author’s surname and initials are given, the title of the article, 5-7 keywords.

Summaries must be:

• informative (do not include general phrases);

• structured (should display a consistent logic of description of the article results);

• informative (should reflect the main content of the article; describe the main purpose of the study; summarize the most important results);

• specify the author’s contribution (own elaborations, proposals, revealing, etc.);

• should not contain references, and abstracts in English – also abbreviations;

Annotations in Ukrainian, pre-translated using on-line or computer translators, should be edited.

The volume of the article manuscript is 7-12 pages.

The list of sources used is duplicated in Latin (References), in accordance with the rules of transliteration. It is recommended to arrange the References according to the international bibliographic standard APA. Harvard-British Standard is permitted.

Pictures can be submitted in jpeg format, scanned or taken using a digital camera. Tables, diagrams and drawings must be submitted in separate files.

At the author’s desire his/her picture is placed next to the title of the article.

5. The article text does not allow the use without pre-explanation of abbreviations and abbreviations that are not commonly used. Units of physical quantities should be given in the international CI system (English measure system is allowed only for articles in English). Surnames are indicated after initials.

6. Articles in the journal may be submitted by authors in Ukrainian and English.

Articles in English are provided with an extended abstract in the Ukrainian language from 1600 to 1800 printed characters with spaces, including the author’s surname and initials and the article title, and an abstract in English with a volume of 600-800 printed characters with spaces. The number of key words for summaries in Ukrainian and English is 5-7.

7. The manuscript shall be accompanied by:

– internal (according to the author’s place of work or study) and external reviews submitted by the candidate (PhD) / doctor of sciences in the corresponding area certified by the seal of the reviewer’s institution;

– the author’s data: full name, position and place of work, scientific degree and academic rank, official address, contact phone numbers, e-mail, ORCID;

Materials that do not meet the specified requirements are not accepted.

The article’s manuscript is sent to the editorial office via e-mail along with scan copies of reviews (if necessary, the editorial may require authors to submit originals of reviews) and screenshots of the results of the review article on anti-plagiarism.

Articles have already been published or submitted for publication in other editions are not admitted for publication in this journal.

8. Terms of articles submission: for publication in number 1 – until March 1, in number 2 – until June 1, in number 3 – until September 1, in number 4 – until December 1. The editor may also set other deadlines for submission, as previously announced for authors.

9. One author’s various publications (with the exception of one article and one review) can not fit into one issue of the Bulletin. It is allowed to place no more than two articles of one author, provided that one article is single, and the other is co-authored or both articles, in co-authorship (there must be only one of the co-authors twice).

10. Students can be published in the Journal only in co-authorship with their scientific supervisors.

11. Articles admitted for publication are enlisted placed and updated monthly on the journal website.

12. The author (co-authors) may refuse to publish articles submitted to the journal or delay their publication, notifying the head of the editorial board, his/her deputy or the executive secretary not later than within 20 days from the date of article submission.